full body workout

Perfect 10 Full Body Workout

full body workout

  • Do you have trouble looking in the mirror?
  • No time to workout?
  • Difficultly being naked or in a swimsuit?
  • No money for a fancy gym membership?
  • Tired of being the out of shape friend?
  • Are you lacking the motivation to workout?
  • Dont know what to do at the gym?
  • Losing your self esteem?
  • Have you tried other workout program that did not work, and are sick and tired of feeling unhealthy?
full body workout

Being diagnosed with Graves Disease and having my thyroid destroyed by severe radiation treatments was a very difficult part of my life. I was at my lowest low – sicker than I had ever been.

I decided I wasn’t going to let my disease define who I was. I took control of my health and my fitness, and made wellness an every day part of my life. I went from feeling dumpy, tired and sick all the time to feeling tight, energetic and happy every day.

And believe me, I did not think it was possible, either. Let me show you how I got there. All it takes is a few minutes of your time every day and a one-time investment of $9.97. We all have a few minutes to dedicate to our health and wellness, no matter how busy we are.

Perfect 10 Full Body Workout is my 10 favorite moves for each part of the body – upper body, lower body and abs. These moves, along with a nutritious diet, helped me get from where I was back then to where I am today.

Ready to get started for $9.97? Let’s go !

full body workout

5 Questions with Emily Reynolds – Who Is She?

1. Tell us a little about you.

I’m a World Bodybuilding & Fitness Federation (WBFF) Pro Diva Bikini Athlete, an International Natural Bodybuilding Association (INBA) Pro Bikini Athlete, O'Neill 365 Icon, NPC Figure Champion, competition coach, personal trainer, nutritional and wellness consultant, fitness personality and model.

2. How did you get into fitness?

I have always been interested in being active and had tons of energy. But it was not until I was stricken with Grave’s Disease, that I decided to dedicate my entire life to building my body with the right kind of weight lifting and cardio. Healing my body fueled my obsession with fitness.

That’s me on my journey to wellness!

full body workout

3. Why did you create this DVD?

I created this DVD for people who really are busy or cannot afford a gym membership. Not everyone can shell out the money for a one-on-one personal trainer, but everyone wants one! I have heard the same reasons time and time again why people say they can’t work out: Lack of time, money and knowledge. So I decided to take away all these excuses – everyone has 30 minutes! You don’t need a gym or fancy equipment, you have me – a pro – to train you one-on-one the whole way through.

4. What’s your favorite thing about these workouts?

I love that I get you a full body workout. We don’t miss anything, so you are sure to have all your bases covered. Plus, anyone can do this program. I show you how to perform every exercise & even show ways to modify it if you are a beginner as well as ways to give yourself an extra challenge if you are more advanced.

5. What advice do you have for people who are reading this right now?

Stop making excuses that you know deep down are just out of fear! There is no way that you can fail unless you never try it. I have eliminated all of your excuses and put together a fast and fun full body workout that you do with me in the comfort of your own home.

Ready to start training with me one-on-one?
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full body workout

7 Reasons to Get Perfect 10 Full Body Workout Today

  • 1. For only $9.97 you’re on your path to the body of your dreams!
  • 2. You will feel better tomorrow than you do today.
  • 3. You’ll finally achieve that sense of accomplishment you read about in fitness magazines.
  • 4. Those skinny jeans are waiting for you.
  • 5. You can start looking and feeling more confident naked – NOW!
  • 6. Have more energy throughout your day.
  • 7. Start to love your workout and keep the weight off for good!
body pump
  • Stress reduction
  • Belly fat gone
  • Increased strength and muscle tone
  • Better mood
  • Weight loss
  • More energy
  • Less sick days and doctor visits
  • Feeling years younger
  • Compliments from friends, family and co-workers
  • Renewed self confidence
  • More drive and motivation for all things in life

body pump

body pump

Still have questions?

Still have questions about the Perfect 10 Full Body Workout DVD? Here are the answers to top FAQs:

1. How hard is the workout?

This workout can be done successfully by anyone from a beginner level to more advanced level. I teach you how to modify the exercises to fit your level of fitness.

2. How soon will I see results?

Right away; especially if you are new to working out. This is a BIG change for you and your body will respond immediately! If you do this workout 5 days a week, coupled with my Eat Clean to Stay Lean nutritional program, you will start to see results within the first day. Some have lost 10 pounds in just 4 weeks of working out on the Perfect 10 Full Body Workout!

3. Do I need buy expensive equipment or a lot of room to workout?

No! No equipment required other than one set of dumbbells. You can do this entire workout in your living room. It is great for when you are traveling and confined to a small little hotel room with no access to a gym. Now you have no excuses! You can get in a workout anywhere at any time!

4. What if I have never lifted weights before?

You do not have to worry about that at all. I will be your own personal one-on-one trainer to guide you how to do it throughout the workout video. It is you and me in our own private studio. I show you each move, walk you through the steps, show you the correct form, and encourage you throughout the entire workout.

5. What body parts are covered in this video?

I’ve made sure to include every single body part for the best full body workout you can get. We will go over Upper body, lower body, and abs. You will not miss one muscle group within all 3 sections!

full body workout

Myth No. 1:

You need to spend hours in the gym each day in order to see results.


It’s all about quality not quantity! It is not about how long you work out. It is about the quality of your workout and your intensity. I will show you the right moves to sculpt your body in the fastest amount of time.

Myth No. 2:

If you lift weights as a woman, you will get too bulky.


No way! This is the biggest myth out there. If you lift weight, you will gain lean muscle and that will help you burn far more fat throughout your entire day. As a female, you do not produce enough testosterone to get big and bulky no matter how much you lift.

Myth No. 3:

If Cardio is the only way to lose weight.


Have you ever heard of skinny fat? This is the syndrome that many women fall into merely due to lack of education. Walking or even jogging on a treadmill for hours on end will not give you the body of your dreams. You will burn muscle if your cardio is not done properly and that will take away from the amount of fat and calories that your body can burn. Cardiovascular exercise is important, but it is not the only way. Have you ever known a super fit and healthy woman who only does cardio? Of course not, because it does not exist.

full body workout

 body workout

Learn more about me and my journey at www.emilyreynolds.net

Or connect with me on social media for daily tips on health, fitness and wellness!

Be your best you,

full body workout

full body workout

P.S. If you are looking for workouts by body part, you can separately purchase my Ab Blaster, Upper Body Workout and Lower Body Workout right on my website here for only $4.97 each!
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